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BLAK Group, Inc. is currently preparing for an equity crowdfunding raise. If you have interest in being an investor in BLAK Group, Inc. please sign-up for our investment notification email list so that we can notify you when we launch this equity crowdfunding investment opportunity.

We are looking to raise $1M amongst 2,000 individuals at a minimum of $500. each. Your investment would give you an equity stake ownership in the company. Yes, ownership, as in BLAK Group, Inc. would be your company!


The capital raised will be utilized to expand the BLAK Wealth offering and grow the product and company.

BLAK Wealth is a ‘For Us By Us’ business and entrepreneurship initiative and your opportunity to financially support and invest in the movement of financial empowerment for African-Americans who have been financially excluded for too long.

#EmpowerYou #EmpowerUS

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